Go totally wireless and clutter free with Creative’s D200 and D100 Wireless Speakers.
They can be connected to any compatible Bluetooth device—from cellphones to the
iPod to netbooks etc., eliminating the need to dock physically. They come bundled with
all the relevant accessories such as transmitters required fortheconnection. And ladies,
you don’t have to settle for bo ring black boxes any more! These speakers are available in
bright pink and blue too. Rs 4,500 upwards.
ray player,gaming console, iPod, satellite box etc.
can be controlled by one remote and an interface
on the screen, thus simplifyingyour life. Rs 4,78,013.
How smart does it sound to have all your audio visual content from multiple sources
together in one gadget and also played back on any screen in your home? WD TV Live
Hub Media Center does exactly that with its one terabyte built-in hard drive. The Media
Center lets you centralize allyour videos, music, and photographs, and plays them back
onyour HDTV. It can connect to your Blu-ray player, Xbox,and PlayStation, iPad, iPhone
or Android smart phone for th is pu rpose. Rs q.qqq.
If movie nights are what you like, check out
LG’s Home Theatre System HT855PC. This
new generation home theatre is equipped
with speakers of 850 RMS,an LCD screen,
and USB ripping from FM/CD/TVtoletyou
extract yourfavourite music. It
also hasa DivX playback and
USB Plus for more music and
Cisco Linksys E-Series Routersgivesyou wireless
I nternet access and a lot more. It wirelessly
connects your other gadgets too.
The routersare compatible with
notebooks, wireless printers,
Blu-ray players, Internet-enabled
HDTVs,XBox, PSP,and Wii to
let your data stream efficiently
between the gadgets. Rs 5,999.
New age entertainment gadgets are not only
multifunctional but convenient and swanky-
looking. Check out some of our picks.
For more info, see Resources
photograph playback—all this
in a sleek package. Rs 18,990.
The Bose Video Wave system combines a home
theatre sound system, an LCD display, and a music
system in one smart gadget. Italsocomeswith
a console that can connect with up to 5 high-
definition entertainment players inyourhome. This
means that all the connected devices such asa Blu-
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