Chick Lit
for V-Day
It’s the month of romance,
and these books are all
about women and love.
Ideal for a lazy afternoon
when you don't want
anything heavy to read.
A lm ost Single,
Advaita Kala
An honest, cheeky peep into the life of
a single woman,
Almost Single
is the
story of a 29-year-old, independent,
career-oriented, fun-loving, alcohol-
guzzling, and forever-on-a-diet
shopaholic whose main ruse is that
she is still unmarried. Funny yet
thoughtful, the book is quick and fun.
Love Story,
Erich Segal
Though you’ve probably read
this is one book you can never
have enough of. The opening lines—
“What can you say about a 25-year-old
girl who died? That she was beautiful
and brilliant. That she loved Mozart
and Bach. The Beatles. And me.”—are
enough to get you hooked again. A
bittersweet romantic tragedy of a
wealthy Harvard student who falls in
love with the daughter of a pastry chef,
it will have you reaching out for tissue!
Eat Pray Love,
Elizabeth Gilbert
The book is about a 34-year-old
American woman, who, reeling under
a contentious divorce, a volatile
rebound romance, and a bout of
depression, decides to spend a year
travelling to Italy, India, and Indonesia
to explore the art of pleasure, the art of
devotion, and the art of balancing the
her presence on match days. Humour
two. A mix of wit, honesty, and good
makes for the backbone of the book,
writing, the book stands apart.
Sex and the City,
Candace Bushnell
If you like the television series, you’ll
like the book too. It is about columnist
Carrie Bradshaw and her adventures
with her group of three close friends.
Though the book is as spirited as the
series, there are some noticeable
variations in characters. Miranda, for
example, is a cable executive in the
book and not a lawyer. Nonetheless,
the whackiness is as endearing as ever.
The Zoya Factor,
Anuja Chauhan
In a country' where cricket is a religion
and players demigods,
The Zoya Factor
strikes the right chord. The book is
about Zoya Singh Solanki, an
advertising executive who is deputed
to work with Team India on a shoot.
However, she ends up being the lucky
mascot for the team when they notice
an inevitable victory pattern during
Stilettos in the Boardroom,
The story revolves around three
women with different personalities,
who join a call centre. The book
weaves in the culture at the call
centre—professional jealousy, ruthless
manipulation, unfulfilled dreams and
desires, and heightened ambitions—
together with their personal lives.
Single in the City,
Sushmita Bose
It originated as a newspaper column
and found its way to a book. Here, the
author presents a humorous and
sarcastic take on the even'd ay life of a
young, good-looking, working, single
woman who moves to a new city.
Chick lit to the core, the book has its
comic moments, interspersed with
some thoughtful insights. Si)
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