smoothes fine lines, and improves
skin texture and tone. But studies
have shown that overusing chemical
exfoliants, such as alpha-hydroxy
acids (AHAs) found in glycolic or
lactic acids, increases sensitivity to UV
rays. (Tip No. 1 is doubly important
with AHA use.) Limit chemical
exfoliants to twice a week or try a
gentle microbcad scrub of any reputed
beauty brand. Alternatively, go for a
home-made scrub of chickpea powder
or crushed almonds with milk.
Nivea Visage Oxygen Power
Reviving Cleansing Gel (with
cleansing micro pearls),
Rs 399/200 ml; Mary Kay Simply
Cotton Sugar Scrub, Rs 395/185 gm.
Good skin care starts from the inside
out. Eat healthfully: Omega-3 fatty
acids found in salmon and walnuts
fight wrinkle-causing inflammation;
citrus fruits and spinach enhance
collagen production; and lycopene,
found in tomatoes and watermelon,
protects against sun damage; loading
up on water and cutting back on
caffeine also keeps the glow intact.
What to avoid? Sugar. Heightened
levels in the bloodstream cause a
process called glycation—one of the
principal causes of cellular ageing
(and wrinkles). If you can’t tame your
sweet tooth, switch to healthier sugar
alternatives such as honey or jaggery.
Easier said than done, we know, but
stress not only affects your sanity—it
affects your face. A 2004 study by
the University of California, US,
found that chronic stress affects your
body at the cellular level, speeding
deterioration. And frowns and knitted
brows cause creases all on their own.
So take up yoga or try deep breathing
exercises, and at least an hour
before bedtime, hit the ‘off’ switch
on everything that has one. Your
epidermis will thank you.
Sim p le , d aily, fa c e -frie n d ly habits go
a lo n g w ay in co m b atin g age and
im p ro v in g s k in . E n su re that no
12 -h o u r p e rio d passes w ith o u t d o ing
so m eth in g p o sitive fo r y o u r sk in .
Never skip cleansing your face
before you nod off. “It’s the cardinal
sin of skincare,” says US-based
dermatologist Macrene Alexiades.
“This is the skin’s time to repair and
rejuvenate.” Follow the same routine
at night as you would in the day. Wash
your face with a gentle face wash,
followed by toning, and a moisturizing
night cream (especially one with anti-
ageing benefits). Remove all traces
of makeup before bedtime to let your
skin’s pores breathe. A cleansing milk
is a good pick as it cleans your skin
and removes makeup without drying
it out. Try one now.
Oriflame Time Reversing All-in-1
Magic Cleanser, Rs 690/150 ml; Avon
Anew Rejuvenate 2-in-l Cleanser Gel,
Rs 499/125 ml.
What was good enough in your
mother’s day just doesn’t cut it
anymore. For a night cream that’s
more than a moisturizer, retinoids
are a sure bet. With over 40 years
of clinical research behind them,
retinoids have been proven to reduce
brown spots and reverse sun damage,
increase exfoliation and collagen
production, all while you snooze. Now
quite a few major skincare brands
have retinol-based creams in their
kitty for you to choose from. What’s
better are the concentrated anti-
ageing serums that are more potent
and give faster results.
L’Oreal Rcvitalift Night cream
with Elastin, Rs 599/50 ml; Estee
Lauder Advanced Night Repair
Recovery Complex, Rs 4,335/50 ml.
Don’t stop facial care at your jawline.
Take it down a notch—directly to
the delicate skin of your neck and
décolletage. The same cleansers,
sunscreens, serums, and night creams
you apply to your face can also treat
those areas effectively.
Fine lines aren’t the only age
giveaways. A 2006 study linked sun
spots and discolouration directly
to age perception—so even without
telltale wrinkles, brown-speckled
women were thought to look older
(we’re not telling you to go white but
only to combat skin discolouration
and spots). New research shows
that inhibiting the production of
melanin (age spots and freckles are
formed from this chemical) may
help prevent new spotting, and that
creams containing natural lighteners
like soya, milk enzymes, liquorice
extract, fruit extracts, or Kojic acid
are helpful. At the doctor’s office,
combat spots with a prescription for a
hydroquinone-based cream.
Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Skin
Whitening and Brightening Gel
Crème with SPF 25, Rs 99/20 gm;
Kiehl’s Ultimate White Intensive
Whitening Essence, Rs 2,600/50 ml.
Which side do you sleep on? Your
dermatologist can tell just by looking
at the side of your face where the
wrinkles are the deepest. “To avoid
compression wrinkles, train yourself
to sleep on your back,” Dover says.
Bonus: no pillow-creases to rub away
before you dash out the door! (3)
6 6
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