WiWS to
A shelf that stretches between
cabinets above the range hood,
facing page,
and another
above the sink,
eke out display space—but not at the
expense of cabinetry. Not-so-pretty stuff, such as the toaster,
tucks into an appliance garage to the left of the sink,
Consider every comer
Angling the range in a corner,
facing page,
allowed for an efficient triangular work zone
with lots of countertop space. Similarly, a recessed desk,
above left,
makes smart use of a hal Iway off the kitchen.
Shelves are cut out in the centre so that a light in the top of
the built-in has a clear path to the desktop.
Mary carved out a mudroom,
an adjoining breakfast area (a hallway or garage off a kitchen
would work too). A built-in bench narrows to keep the path to
the door clear and allows extra space to unload bags and
jackets. Durable tile flooring shifts the space into
hardworking, easy-to-clean mode.
Make life easy
"Everything here is about easy access,” says
Mary. So base cabinets are mainly drawers, not hard-to-dig-
through shelves,
facing page.
A shallow drawer to the right of
the cooking range holds pot holders; deeper ones are used to
store pans. Glass-front upper cabinets make it easy to spot
dishes. "Otherwise it’s like guessing what’s behind door
number one,” Mary says,
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