Flaunt the Curves
Keep Cool
With Enamor’s range of bras that
Inaya Sleepwear’s Ceramic
include Smooth (seamless), Reveal
Collection (long dress, baby doll
for a good fit, and Lift to emphasize
top, and leggings) in soft fabrics and
shape, you’ll feel comfortable with
pretty pastel shades gives you the
your body all day long.
required comfort for bedtime.
At all Enamor stores, nationwide.
At Inaya outlets, nationwide.
Foot Forward
H ush P uppies is a b ran d synonym ous w ith unparalleled
com fort an d classy styles. T h eir Body S hoe collection
lives u p to th e b ra n d ’s im age. C rafted from leath er
w ith PU soles, th e footw ear is p ad d ed to p am p er
y o u r feet an d n o t let th e m get tired soon.
M ost item s com e in ea rth y h u es th a t m ake
th e m suitable for different ages an d tastes.
At Hush Puppies stores, nationwide.
Luxe Linen
AA Living’s collection of
b ed sp re ad s will d ress up
y o u r b ed ro o m for th e
com ing season. In a
variety of m aterials from
organic c o tto n to y a m
silk, each item h as a
d istin ct look an d feel to it
th a t will change th e m ood
o f y o u r room . Available in
m yriad colours, p attern s,
an d w eaves, th e linen is
easy-to-care-for an d
m achine-w ashable.
Rajul Apartments,
Nepean Sea Road,
Tel: 022/2368-3985.
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