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it's not money.
Miele (pronounced
as 'mee-luh' in German)
range includes wine conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, coffee machines, washing machines, tumble dryers,
washer dryers, rotary ironer, dishwashers, cooker hoods, hobs, ovens, warming drawers, combisets and vacuum cleaners. Do book your visit to the Miele
Experience Centre at Jasola, New Delhi in advance, to ensure we have a personal advisor available for you. Call us at + 91 11 46900045 between
10.30 AM - 7.30 PM (Mon-Sat) for an appointment. Or locate a Miele dealer near you by visiting www.miele.in
After spending a lifetime in acquiring the finest things around the world,
you can find yourself in the lap of luxury, wondering “there has to be more".
That's why at Miele, we approach success and luxury from an entirely
different point of view. Every Miele product Is created with the rare
promise of 'Immer Besser', a German phrase meaning 'Forever Better'.
We do this so that you don't just acquire an engineering marvel and
a heritage of perfection, but an entirely new level of sensory fulfillment.
Nothing stops us. What stops you?
Featured here are the Miele Ovens, Coffee Machine. Cooker Hood. Induction Hob and Warming Drawers.
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