A self-portrait by Satish A jral
occupies pride of place in the
drawing room. Fresh flower
arrangements are a constant
presence through the house.
Tucked away in a
serene corner of the
very-busy Lajpat Nagar
a r e a i n D e l h i , is a quiet house— a
house characterized by refinement, evolved
tastes, and elegant luxury. Despite its famous
residents, jewellery designer Alpana Gujral,
her mother, sons, and her father, the well-
respected painter Satish Gujral, the house is
genteel and modest. “It is after all a home for
us and has to be warm, comforting, and
peaceful,” says a house-proud Alpana.
Spread over a plush 10,000 sq. ft. area, the
building is divided into five levels that house
the entertaining spaces, personal rooms,
Satish Gujral’s studio, Alpana’s own office, and
other utility areas. All these blend seamlessly
together in a potpourri of traditional artefacts,
interspersed with Satish Gujral’s vivacious
paintings and sculptures, and other interesting
decor items from across the world. As you
walk into the house, into the casual entrance
seating area, small terracotta sculptures
beckon you to serene comers, while huge
bronze figures by Satish Gujral inspire awe.
Here, the bright orange stone flooring is offset
aesthetically by the neutral walls. “We have
been in this house since 1971 and over the
years it has grown with us. Each family
member has given their inputs and made the
space the way it is— eclectic, yet lived-in,” says
Alpana. The formal drawing area has its own
charm with warm comfortable furniture,
wooden flooring, interesting artefacts,
paintings, and a dominant coffee table with
golden motifs. “Almost all the furniture in the
house has been custom-made. The readymade
stuff doesn’t suit our requirements or taste,”
says Alpana. But an area that the Gujrals love
and use the most has a totally different appeal.
The quiet, covered patio with a round table
and four chairs overlooking the garden is
devoid of any ostentation. It is simple, and has
a familial feel. “This is where we all have our
meals every day. It is our personal space,” says
Alpana. The more plush dining room, done up
ornately with Tanjore paintings (“My favourite
after my dad’s artworks”), a carved marble
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