Move in to a
city within
icture this: the novelty of a fresh walk to your workplace every morning. The
comfort of a shopping centre just a couple of blocks away. The secure feeling
of sending your kids to a school around the corner. Welcome to Godrej
Garden City, the place you deserve but never had the option to live in before!
Godrej Garden City lets you erase all the stress and aggression of city life, without having
to compromise on the benefits city life has to offer. With large extravagant spaces and lush
greenery all around you, Godrej Garden City is the first self-sufficient township within the
Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation city limits. The project has been designed by world-
renowned architects SOM, who have also designed numerous landmark projects across the
globe like Burj Dubai. It is constructed by India's most accomplished construction company
L&T. Godrej Garden City is one of few projects worldwide, to be chosen by The Clinton
Foundation to achieve climate-positive development.
Call: 079 61 900500/05/06/ sms GODREJ GC to 56070 /
email: [email protected]/ Experience us at:
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