home I
imes change. Trends shift. But for interior designer Melissa
Gulley, there’s been one decorating constant: a little
turquoise carriage clock her great-grandfather bought and
she inherited when she was 12-years-old. “This clock has
travelled with me my whole life and furthered my love of
turquoise,” Melissa says. “For as long as I’ve lived on my own, it’s been on
a bookshelf, on a mantel, on a nightstand.”
When Melissa, her husband, Kevin, and their two kids moved into a
Victorian home in Massachusetts, US, that colourful keepsake became
A carriage clock that
Melissa has treasured
since she was a child,
, sparked the
turquoise, brown,
caramel, and cream
colour scheme in her
living room.
“This is my big-girl
house,” Melissa says.
“I wanted to step
things up, and this
house called for
formality, even though
I’m an informal
person.” Turquoise
accessories, including
the antique Foo dogs
on the mantel,
shake up the traditional
elements pleasantly.
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