Chocolate-brown upper walls
bring a cozy feel to the dining
“The colour is
deep enough and the
perimeter of the room sort of
goes away,” Melissa says.
Touches of pink unify the
adjacent living and dining
above right
, and take
off the formal edge.
the starting point for decorating the living room. “It was a given,” she
says. “I built the room around the clock.” Rather than coat the space in
turquoise, however, she used it to wake up a basic neutral palette of warm
browns and creams. “When it’s your favourite colour, I think it’s better to
use it as an accent so you appreciate it more,” Melissa says. “In tiny pieces
and small splashes, it remains special.”
The clock also meets Melissa’s self-imposed rule to surround herself
with things that have meaning, such as old books from her collector
father, silver pieces from her grandmother, and the flea market
discoveries from her own journeys. “Everything in this room has a story,”
Melissa says. “To me, being authentic and putting your personality out
there is the most important part of decorating.”
Also high on her list: making a formal living room livable. Melissa hung
a flat-panel TV and brought in two cushy sofas, creating a new family
hang-out. “I think a living room is a great retreat,” she says. Colourful
stools ensure everyone has a place to sit when Melissa hosts her book
club. On Sunday mornings, the Gulleys lounge in their pyjamas on the
sofas with a newspaper, book, or laptop. “I’m at peace here,” Melissa says.
“This room is totally me.” ■
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