Front and Centre
When the
weather is pleasant, “We love to eat on our
front porch or picnic on our lawn,” says
designer Jessica Helgerson of Oregon, US.
“We wind up chatting with people who
walk by, making new friends, and inviting a
neighbour over for a glass of rosé wine or a
slice of watermelon.”
A New View
Virginia, US, designer
Barry Dixon likes to rearrange furniture away
from the fireplace in the gentler months.
Rather than huddling around the television,
shift the focus toward a beautiful window or
French doors. Store heavy draperies and hang
gossamer sheers to catch the breeze. Barry also
likes to switch out heavy wool rugs for natural
fibres. “It’s so airy and cool,” he says.
Light up the Night string
paper lanterns on tree branches and around
the patio, suggests Boston, US, designer
Heather Vaughan. Should the weather turn iffy,
snuggle by lamplight on a covered porch.
Set a Colourful Table
Pair everyday white
dishes with floral,
tropical, or
nautical motifs
on salad plates.
“I love to add some easy accent pieces,”
says Seattle, US, designer and blogger
Cassandra La Valle. “I buy a set of four to
eight plates for smaller dinner parties.”
To further the spirited look, Cassandra
clears a small table for an impromptu bar
and arranges bottles and glassware on a
beautiful serving tray. “Adding fun elements
like stirrers and paper umbrellas makes it feel
perfect,” she says.
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