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Happy Scents
“People don’t always think about
switching scents for the season,”
Annette Joseph says. “I love
gingerbread in the winter, but in
the summer I crave things that
smell fresh like the ocean.”
Go Casual
Transform Furniture
Revamp a
tired chair or side table with high-gloss spray paint
in a cheerful hue, suggests San Francisco, US, stylist
Rachel Cleaveland Riedy. The glossy paint imparts
a fun lacquered look and gives an old piece a fresh,
modem edge. Be sure to properly prime the furniture
so that the paint adheres better to the piece.
Art Swap
Erin Gates, a Boston, US, interior
stylist and author of the
Elements of Style
brightens dull or dark walls with colorful ait. Check
out your local gallery or shops for affordable pieces.
Pare Down
Think of your home as per
the season says Sasha Emerson, a Los Angeles, US,
designer. “The whole idea is you’re trying to throw
open the doors and windows, pull back the curtains,
and get rid of things that are dark, gloomy, or fussy.”
Sasha recommends storing heavy accessories, throws,
and any un-needed small items until it’s time to cozy
up for the coming winter.
candles as per
the season ,”
says Atlanta, US-
based, stylist
Annette Joseph.
unexpected uses for formal
serving pieces, says Houston, US,
designer Ginger Barber. A silver
tray can hold cutlery and salt and
pepper shakers, and a champagne
bucket is a great container for an
herb plant.
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