ike many dining
rooms, this 12x18-
foot space sat sad and
unused. “The owners
------- hadn’t had one meal
in it, not even a snack,” says
designer Elaine Griffin. Too-
dark walls and a stiff-looking
dining set didn’t jibe with a
fun-loving couple and three
kids. The table, placed in the
usual centre, was an obstacle.
Elaine’s simple solutions have
perked up the style and
function in a big way. “It’s gone
from a room the family never
used to one they’ll use 20 times
a day,” she says. Follow her as
she gives the makeover.
Think a dining table has
to sit in the middle of the
room? Think again. Elaine
turned the table sideways and
scooted it up to the window
seat, putting the room’s best
feature to good use. The shift
also solves an awkward traffic
flow and frees space for an
office at the end of the room.
The table, chairs (mismatched
for a casual feel), and drum
shade all have clean lines for
a young, fresh look.
Aqua-coloured fabric attached
to the back of the shelves
with adhesive tape gives the
room an easy-to-change hit of
cheerful colour.
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