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• W hat You’ll Need: A chair
• Repeat circuit twice
Targets arms, glutes, legs
• Be seated with toes on
ground. Keep fists balled
on either side of the chest.
Stretch hands out in front,
palms parallel to the ground.
• Move hands out on the
sides, along with the right
foot out.
• Come back to the starting
• Repeat for 12 counts.
Targets arms and legs
• Sit on a chair, back straight, chest out. Clench
fists on either sides of the waist, elbows back.
• Raise your left leg and bring it at the level of your
waist as you bring your right hand forward. You
should be in a marching position.
• Move right leg up as your left hand comes ahead.
• Repeat for 12 counts.
Targets abdomen,
butt, thighs, calves
• Stand with back
upright, legs apart (as
the width of the chair).
• Hold top of the chair.
Breathe in.
• Squat mid height,
elbows out. When
squatting knees should
not go beyond the toes.
Breathe out.
• Go back into the
original position. Repeat
for 12 counts.
(b) Slowly bend, while
breathing out.
• Bring hands down to
rest palms flat on the floor,
slightly ahead of your feet.
• Keep knees straight.
• Breathe out.
Stretch It
After exercising, cool
down with the same
moves as the warm-up.
Targets all major muscles
of your body
(a) Stand straight with
hands stretched straight
above your head. Breathe in.
• Keep legs slightly apart.
• Ensure chest is out,
shoulders back.
(c) Bend knees slightly. Jump
back on your toes (to the
maximum distance), stretching
your body out, head bent.
• Rest body weight on palms and toes.
• Hop back into the earlier position,
knees bent. Breathe out. Go back to
standing position. Repeat for 12 counts
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