Targets upper body and
abdom en.
(a) Stand straight with legs apart.
Hold fists clenched below the neck
in the pyramid position.
• Breathe out. Jab the left hand
forward. Breathe in when you
come back to starting position.
(b) With right hand, trace a sharp
“U” outwards to hook, meeting the
left fist. Keep elbow out, lower arm
parallel to the ground.
(c) Hold right fist with left hand to
knock the elbow out.
• Repeat for 12 counts. Switch
sides. Repeat.
Strengthens your heart.
Increases lung capacity.
Improves bone density.
Releases happy hormones
Reduces stress.
Leaves you leaner, slimmer.
Targets chest, obliques,
arm s, back
(a) Rest palms flat on floor,
shoulder distance apart, and
stretch your body straight.
• Balance body weight on
palms and toes.
(b) Turn to your right side,
right palm below the right
shoulder, and stretch left
hand straight up. Turn toes to
the left for better support.
• Inhale. Lever hips down.
Exhale. Come up slowly. Turn
to perform a push-up.
• Switch sides. Repeat 12
times on either side.
• W hat You’ll
N eed: A Ball
• Repeat the
circuit twice
(a) Stretch hands above your head holding the ball.
• Keep legs slightly apart; knees straight. Breathe in.
(b) Raise your left leg as high as you can, with right
knee bent slightly.
• Bring the ball down to meet your left foot.
• Breathe out. Repeat 12 counts, alternating legs.
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