, Drum Beat
e d i s d
f i n
i t e
l y w
i n
t e
r ’ s h
t t e s t c o
l o
u r .
And it’s easy to work: surround one red with harmonious hues—
think of a paint company’s shade card. Then try our other tips for
red-on colour confidence. Use it in your rooms. Wear it. Love it.
It’s the perfect outfit for a winter
The same scheme works when using
weekend: a bright pop of red in a quilted jacket,
these bright colours at home. Select one deep
plus layers of muted maroon and scarlet in a
colour (here: dark wine red) and a corresponding
turtleneck, harmonize without being too matchy.
deep neutral. And don’t be afraid to go dark—
Sophisticated, not formula-driven—the array of
that creates the perfect backdrop for brighter hits
just-off colours is the shade card principle at work.
of colour to stand out. This bedding ranges from
A rich neutral like the almost-charcoal grey, keeps
deep and bright primary reds to a more muted
the tumble of colour from going too riotous.
and rosy iteration. The overall effect is sleekly
FIND IT Grey jeans ^2,990, Mango; boots ^10,600,
modem and cheerfully right.
Aldo; nylon quilted jacket ^3,690 (sleeveless); wool
Cushion covers, bedsheets, bedsheet
turtleneck ^1,250; cap ^550, all from Zara.
sets (with cushion covers), f 150-2,500, Lifestyle.
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