Finally a Lawn Mower that not only maintains your garden but also gives you the perfect
body posture while mowing.
The Rotak 43 Lawn Mower from Bosch is the only garden tool in its class with the innovative
’Ergoflex System'. This unique feature enables easy steering and better body posture resulting
in minimum muscle strain. It is efficient, extremely lightweight and ergonomically designed for
easy maneuverability. It produces maximum power at the blades, thanks to the acclaimed
Powerdrive System which can cut grass up to 30cm long.
Invented for life
For less strain and more comfort, choose Rotak 43 Lawn Mower.
B o s c h L i m
i t e d , P o w
e r T o o l D i v i s i o n ,
PA-AT Complex, Hosur Road, Adugodi, Bangalore - 560030.
Tel: 080-22992968. Fax: 080-22223742.
Toll Free Number
1800 425 8665
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