fresh [ entertaining
K e e p i t c a s u a l w i t h
s im p le f o o d , d e c o r ,
a n d a m p le s e a t i n g .
P r s t t y C e n t r a l
Decide on a centrepiece
based on your table size (if small, go for a tall one
over flat one), purpose (for an edible display use
colourful fruits with flowers), theme (nature: put
potted herbs in colourful planters). Chair decor will
follow the centrepiece—real lemons stuck into faux
sticks binds the citrus theme,
or orchids twisted
around napkins are faithful to a flower setting,
Simply Seated
If your guest list has kids,
lay out a washable dhurrie and comfortable cushions
on the ground with a few games. It will keep the
restless souls busy and comfortable. Also, keep a few
lightweight stools, seats, and other furniture items
that can be dragged around if needed.
C h i c k e n t o G o Give leftovers a
special touch. Prepare baskets with name tags and
personalized thank you notes. Keep napkins or paper
handy to cover the basket. Let the guests decide their
own takeaways and put them in the basket. ■
i. Glass jug, ^2,950, Renovation Factory 2 & 3. Flower
setting, ^8,500; lemon pots, ^850, Bougainvilla Design
4. Lhasa tray, ^1,650, Good Earth; orchid napkin rings,
^1,500 (for 6), Bougainvilla Design.
x. Dhurrie, ^2,500, Fabindia
2. Tub, ^1,700, Crazy Daisy
Acrylic tray, ^1,740, FCML
Chess, ? 8,100, Apartment 9
5. Glasses ^280-^390 each,
Pure Home + Living 6. Fruit
basket, ^1,100, Good Earth.
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