Skin Nourishment
W a n t to s p o rt s m o o th , silken a n d ra d ia n t skin this
w inter? Just m o istu riz e it regularly w ith th e rig h t lotion.
Bath Luxury
O p t for th e s e luxurious,
s c e n te d b a th essen tials.
Moisturize your skin
with VLCC’s four Nourishing Body Lotions.
Mulberry—a velveteen lotion is enriched
with natural mulberry fruit extract that is
a botanical skin-lightening agent. Cocoa
Butter is non-greasy in nature and can be
used to achieve a supple and glowing skin.
Almond Oil body lotion nourishes the skin
to help retain elasticity; Aloe Vera provides
long lasting hydration. Equip yourself
with these lotions this winter; they work
wonderfully to rehydrate dry skin.
T h e s e l o t i o n s p r o v i d e U V A
a n d UVB p r o t e c t i o n
t o p r e v e n t s k i n - d a r k e n i n g
a n d p r e m a t u r e a g e i n g .
Hair Color O
’■heat Prola*
»mm Compte
Crème Deverapef
Hair Care
F ed u p w ith th e s a m e
hair h u e? C o lo u r up!
Hair colouring is
perhaps the quickest and the most
dramatic way to change your existing
look. Modicare has introduced Salon
Neo Colors, in black and brown that
give a perfect and natural look whilst
covering grey hair. Its natural proteins
and vitamins, rebuild the hair protein
bonds that are normally lost in the
colouring process. It also reduces
tangles and split ends, keeping hair
smooth and soft.
B l a c k is t h e e a s i e s t c o l o u r t o a c c o m p l i s h
a s t h e
m o l e c u l e s in
b l a c k
t i n ts
c o v e r a ll hair t y p e s e f f e c t i v e l y .
Di Wills’ distinct shower gels
are transparent, come with
suspended beads, and in three
fab fragrances; Mild Dew for
soft skin, Clear Springs for clear,
healthy, and smooth skin, and
Exotic Dream for stimulating
freshness. Fiama bathing bars
come in two types: SkinSenses
and transparent bathing bars. A
first of its kind, the transparent
liquid gel has been solidified into
a bathing bar that has a long-
lasting fragrance.
F i a m a D i W ills h a s
a l s o i n t r o d u c e d A q u a
P u l s e : a s h o w e r g e l ,
e x c l u s i v e l y
f o r m e n .
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