h o m e
a t h o m e
hristmas is always a big
event at Shallay and Robin
Bartholomew’s apartment
in the Aralias in Gurgaon.
With a different theme
every year, a lot of heart and soul
is put into decorating this 5,800
sq. ft. abode to make it look like a
piece of paradise. While the festive
excitement starts a week before,
Shallay likes pre-planning every little
detail much in advance. A to-do list
is always running through her mind,
and whenever and wherever she
travels, her eyes are always on the
lookout for stuff she can decorate
her house with. This Christmas, the
accessory designer’s 17-month-old
son, Joshua Om Bartholomew is her
biggest source of inspiration. She
talks about her passion—designing,
reusing old stuff in a new way, and of
course Christmas! ■
is Shallay’s
favourite spot. For Christmas,
she decorates it with foam
trees. “The metallic lamps on
the sides of the fireplace are
decorated differentiy, every
year,” she shares.
decorations are incomplete
without a forest scene.” Spot a
wooden reindeer, faux
conifers, animals made of pine
cones, potted plants with
decorations, and candles,
CANDLE LOVE “I do up my
house with about 400 tea
lights and 120 candles.” Her
favourites are the bark-covered
far right.
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