24 Hrs. Hot wafer
in 1/2 unit* of Electric
S t e p s to s a v e e le c tr ic ity
Step 1 : Turn on your Havells geyser
Step 2 : Never switch it off
on inner tank
2 Yew
Havells geysers are designed to keep water hot for 24 hours, using just half
a unit of electricity. In fact, its high density PU F insulation saves more than
4 5 % energy. So you can have that hot shower anytime and remain guilt free.
• Multi-functional safety valve
• Vitreous enamel-coated tank
• Heavy-duty protective magnesium anode
• Star rated water heater as per BEE Standard
• High density CFC-free PUF insulation saves over 45% energy
• Heavy duty seamless incoloy 800 glass lined heating element
Corporate Office: Havells India Ltd., QRG Towers, 2D. Sector-126, Expressway, Noida-201304 (UP) India, Tel.: +91-120-4771000, E-mail: [email protected], www.havells.com.
Consumer Care No.: 1800 103 1313 (All Connections), 011-4166 0303 (Landline)
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