A Home that Offers
magine an opulent home surrounded by lush landscaped gardens and abundant open spaces. Imagine
schools, colleges, hospitals and entertainment centres located just around the corner. Imagine living in a
self-sufficient township located within Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation limits—that offers everything
you need and more!
Launching Belvedere Towers—3BHK luxury residences at Godrej Garden City
Situated in the heart of the township, The Belvedere Towers are one of the most awaited residences of the
project. The apartments in The Belvedere are compliant with
norms and have island modular kitchens,
large living rooms with separate dining areas, apart from three lavish bedrooms, an enormous study and servant
quarters. To top it all, the apartments—that are open from three sides—offer panoramic views of the lush green
surroundings that will take your breath away.
Master Bedroom
Kid’s Room
Island Modular Kitchen
Call: 1800 2582588 (toll-free)l sms GODREJ GC to 56070/ www.godrejgardencity.com/
email: [email protected], experience us at: www.youtube.com/godrejpropertiesin
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