Lie in Weight
People who are slim, might assume they’re protected from
type 2 diabetes. That’s not true, say scientists at Britain’s
Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit. They
discovered that a common gene variant, linked to lower
levels of subcutaneous fat (the type that creates superficial
jiggle) does not mean lower levels of visceral fat, a more
insidious type that raises the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart
disease. But, genes account for only a portion of anyone’s
risk, says lead researcher Ruth Loos, Ph.D. If type 2 diabetes
runs in your family, ask your doctor about glucose testing.
Plum Assignment
Researchers from Florida State University and Oklahoma
State University, US, discovered that dried plums reduce the
risk of osteoporosis. In a study, 160 postmenopausal women
were instructed to eat dried plums every day. They saw a
significant improvement in bone mineral density in
their forearms and spines.
The fruit’s combination of
potassium, boron, and Vitamin K, worked well says Bahram
H. Aijmandi, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Nutrition,
Food and Exercise Sciences at Florida State University.
is the number
of competing
sounds it takes
to confuse the
female ear.
Heard Mentality
You’re at a party when someone calls your name from across the room. You
look around in confusion, trying to pinpoint the source. For help, try asking
the guy next to you. A study in the journal Cortex (
) found
that women are less adept than men at zeroing in on discrete sounds in noisy
environments. Next time follow these tips from Bruce Vircks, Au.D., president
of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology: stand close to a wall— the centre of
a room is generally the loudest spot. At functions, choose a high-back chair
to block unwanted sounds from behind. In a conversation, try positioning
yourself next to the speaker so that her voice goes directly to your ear.
Anti-Fogging Lenses
An innovative anti-fogging coating called Optifog (^2,875
upwards) by Essilor, has recently launched itself in India.
It prevents your eyeglasses from misting over with a
special hydrophilic lens coating that gets activated
with a special anti-fog solution,
which comes with
the product. People who play fog-prone sports or travel
in air conditioning will benefit from this coating.
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