Aura Digital
Dimming —
A Modern Lighting Control System
electing the right set of switches for
study room, dining room, or even for
kitchen on a wall out of 6 to 8 switches
is not an easy task. Also to increase or reduce
the lights according to usage is not easy as
well. Aura IWD Digital Lighting dimming is
an energy management system that provides
tremendous cost savings & balanced energy
consumption and at the same time provides
users with complete flexibility over the amount
of lighting needed to suit their surroundings.
Digital dimming can be used almost anywhere
for the purpose of visual needs, personal
control, daylight harvesting, scheduling and
other control strategies. Digital dimming can
offer distinct advantages related to intelligence,
flexibility and two-way
Dimming of fluorescent lighting offers
significant benefits in terms of supporting
visual needs with good lighting, giving users
control of their own lighting, and energy
savings. The advent of digital dimming offers
a new option with clear advantages over
traditional analog dimming.
Beyond the convenience of lighting control,
there is a significant savings in electrical costs
by having the ability to dim lights below 100%
capacity. By dimming a light to 75%, you can
save 20% on electricity and extend light bulb
life by 4 times its rating. Ever notice how a
conventional dimmer gets hot behind the wall
plate- energy is being wasted. Modern light
control systems use digital dimming that waste
less than 1%. The energy savings alone could
pay for the system in just a few years.
This lighting management system offers a
portfolio of products in multiple configurations
to meet the most flexible requirement of users.
A blend of style and technology takes control
of almost all types of lighting loads, be it
Incandescent, Halogens, FTLs, CFLs, LEDs,
Neons etc. Appliances like fans, too can be
controlled to give you flexibility for combining
lighting moods with Air control.
Be it your Residential Lighting, Boardrooms
or Conference rooms Lighting, Bars or pubs
or clubs Lighting, Retail Outlets Lighting,
Shopping Malls or Multiplexes, Hotels Lighting,
Museums or Galleries Lighting, Educational
Institutions Lighting; digital dimming can do
wonders by transforming your interiors into
dynamic cheerful spaces.
Another variant, Aura IWS is an in-wall
switching system, which offers the flexibility
of switching control of incandescent, halogen,
fluorescent, CFLs and also the speed of fan
with remote control. These switches are
beautifully and sophisticatedly designed to
meet the demands of the distinctive and stylish
minded consumer. A multichannel controller
with maximum load of 550W per channel it can
operate a combination of ceiling fan and light
fixtures. Individual control of each lamp and
fan enables you to precisely deliver the correct
amount of light or speed when and where
it is required. Managing the li$it
and speed of fan in this manner allows
for a massive reduction in energy
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