African Lily, Dianthus, and
mini zinnias brighten the
shaded side-patio path,
top right.
After house reconstruction
had stripped away most of
the native soil, containers
were introduced to provide
the perfect growing
conditions for plants,
fa r left.
They ensured that the soil
didn’t wash away.
A grape-covered pergola
shelters the south-facing
ucked along a quiet side
street, atop the highest
hill in Seattle, US, is a tiny
garden with a big personality.
Filled with bold colours,
dramatic forms, and spicy scents, the
entryway garden o f Star Roberts and
her husband, John Gish, doubles as a
com fortable outdoor living space for
the entire family.
Despite its lush look, this urban
oasis covers less than 500 sq. ft. and
requires little maintenance. Landscape
designer Virginia Hand, created a space
to suit this busy family. Star called upon
Hand— who happens to live across
the street— to design a new entryway
garden with lots o f bright colour to give
the area, a full and exuberant look.
Above all, the new garden had
to be liveable: a com fortable, easily
maintained space where friends could
hang out. John is an architect who
frequently travels, while Star is a
writer, student, volunteer, and m other
to daughter Riley, 15, and son Zyan,
9. “W ith two kids and our dog, Roxy,
we needed the garden to be almost
indestructible,” Star says with a laugh.
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