Having a beautiful outdoor living
space doesn’t require much time.
You can maintain a garden by
keeping in mind these five strategies.
1 S ta y focu ssed . Develop key
garden areas that offer impact rather
than multiple beds and borders in all
com ers of your property.
2 Love yo u r soil. Give your soil
extra attention before you plant,
to save time later. By adding a
generous amount of compost (in the
ground or in containers), plants will
need less water and fertilizers.
C over ground. Choose a low or
no-maintenance ground cover, such
as gravel or hardwood mulch. If you
apply a thick layer (at least 3 inches);
you’ll block weeds without needing
cumbersome landscape fabric.
Stu d y labels. It’s tempting to
buy the most eye-catching plants,
but take time to research. Choose
cultivars adapted to your climate.
When you find a plant that thrives in
your garden, look for other species
in the same family to try.
5 Feature foliage. Keep in mind
that some of the most visually
striking plants do not have showy
blooms. Ornamental grasses add
texture and structure to the garden.
Tropical foliage plants ordinarily
grown as house plants also make
great feature plants in outdoor
containers in summer.
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