he m ight and gnm deur o f the m onolithic N andi B ull statue on C ham undi
Hills o f M ysore, is reflected in these huge, exotic Anihica beans that m ake
this rare, prem ium specialtyr coffee a connoisseur’s delight.
These wonderful and exotic coffees are prepared
from washed Arabicas grown in the regions of
Chikmagalur, Coorg, Biligiris, Bababudangiris and
Shevaroys. The beans are very large, uniform
bluish-green in colour, with a clean polished
appearance. In the cup, the coffee exhibits full
aroma, medium to good body, good acidity and fine
flavour, with a hint of spice. This is a rare,
premium coffee and truly represents the best
quality coffee from India.
Coffee Cyan by Coffee Swam:
olTccs ol India - While blending lx-autifully with oil
like ixK-liy with music, also enchant by tl
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