hen we take a decision to decorate
our home, it’s very important to focus
on improvements which will not only
enhance the beauty, comfort and value but also
add to the eco-friendliness of the house. A well
planned layout of a modern home takes care
of all the elements of interiors like furniture,
music and entertainment, household items,
curtains, wall color and texture and most
importantly lighting and lighting fixtures.
Lighting is one of the most important aspects
in home décor, the reason being the dearth
of day light source in buildings due to space
constraints for placing windows and ventilators
in modern day buildings. There are different
types of decorative lighting available in the
market and though they might look attractive
but how many of them arc energy efficient is a
bone of contention. Usually, low price lighting
consumes more power than desired and emits
less light which leads to wastage of power and
arc not environment friendly too.
In these days of rising energy costs, it is
increasingly becoming essential to use energy-
efficient lighting products. Energy efficient
lighting uses less electricity than standard
lighting which helps in saving money on power
bills and helps to protect environment.
*Rs. 50.88-28.80= Rs.22.08X12 months= Rs.265
Ordinary 40W tube
L a m p w a tta g e
Total p o w e r c o n su m p tio n
of fixture w ith lam p
P ow er c o n s u m p tio n @ 8 h rs/day
Total units of e le c tric ity / m onth
7.20 units
12.72 units
C o st of e le c tric ity / m onth @ Rs. 4/-unit*
Rs. 2 8 0.80
Rs. 50.88
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Saving Lighting
V a rio u s typ es o f
en erg y efficien t ligh tin g:
LED (Liglit-Emitting-Diode): LED consumes
50 percent less energy than traditional sources.
It is four times more energy efficient than
regular incandescent lamps, since a larger part
of the energy is converted into light than is lost
as heat. There is no use of glass or filament in
these kinds of lights as compared to normal
lights; hence it has a phenomenally longer
lifespan with average life of 50,000 to 80,000
hours. LED light not only reduces the electricity
bills but also improve the quality of working
conditions at commercial establishments and
Energy efficient Tube lights (E-Lite): E-Lite
is a super energy saver light which is cco
friendly and is brighter than the conventional
tube lights. E-lite consumes upto 45% less
energy and is 20% brighter as compared to
conventional tube lights. It starts even on
low wattage and lasts twice as much as
conventional tube lights.
With its high quality
electronic ballast, E-litc saves the walls from
Lighting Fixtures: A lighting fixture is known
as a luminaire, which is defined as the device
which holds the bulb, or light source, in place.
The right lighting fixtures can work wonders
for homes and is useful not only for illuminating
certain space but the important part is the
right lighting / fixture for every particular area,
which inturn accentuate home’s decor.
If carefully chosen and properly installed,
lighting fixtures can add beauty to your indoors.
Likewise, the right type of lighting can boost
safety and comfort in and around residence.
Indoor lighting fixtures can be recess / surface
mounted or can be portable too. Outdoor lighting
includes courtyard lighting, landscape lighting
and wall-mounted lighting. Well-designed
lighting fixtures can
enhance the look
and brightness of
any areas inside or
outside the house.
To save energy and money, the suggestion would be to replace the GLS bulbs, tubes and lighting fixtures with energy
efficient lighting & lighting fixtures.
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