new in the market
Art on the Wall
If you want something different for
your walls, opt for the Osborne &
Little wallpapers at Maizon de
Muslin. Cover the walls of your
bedroom, living room or your bar,
and fire up your artistic instincts.
They are available in contemporary
designs, metallic and holographic
finishes and are printed on a
durable non-woven base.
369, Ground Floor, CRC
Building, MG Road, Delhi;
Tel: 011/6470-1277.
Grab watches from
the Cambridge
Collection by Adidas.
They give sporty chic
a new dimension, with
sleek monochrome
designs and silicon straps,
fringed with polished gold
and silver rims.
Available at Shoppers Stop.
RAK’s ultra-thin tiles measure
just 4.5 mm and are available
in 12 colours with a natural
finish. They are eco-friendly,
as less energy is spent
firing these thin beauties.
Available at RAK
stores nationwide.
Cushioned Comfort
Looking for premium furniture that’s comfortable? Try
the recliners from Stressless by Ekomes, at Simply
Sofas. These stylish sofas are a must-have, as they
support your head while reading or watching television.
Adjust them according to your height.
No. 12 Shamarao Compound, Mission Road Cross,
Shower Power
W ant to combine the experience
of a rain shower and massage,
together? Try Thunder Showers
from The Johnson Shower
Collection. Made of stainless steel,
the silicon nozzles self clean,
ensuring a smooth flow every time.
Choose from a round or square
shape to suit your style.
For more info, call 022/3064-7484
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