The Bright Side
Fenesta Villa windows don’t
fade under the sunlight and
aren’t prone to termites. They
consist of an engineered UPVC
frame that can accommodate a
grill for security and a mesh to
prevent against insects. These
windows guard against rough
weather, noise and dust.
Log on to for
more details.
Get healthy in style! Puma has
launched a Fitness Large Hobo that
hauls your stuff, stylishly. With a
two-way zip opening and two slip-in
pockets in front, it makes for ample
storage for gym jaunts. The bag also
has a twill polyester lining with a
padded base and adjustable
shoulder straps that ensure
maximum comfort.
Available at all Puma stores
across the country.
Magic Washer
Looking for no-maid convenience? Kaff
has dishwashers that have six inbuilt
washing programs and a salt
indicator that softens water,
resulting in a better wash.
Made of stainless steel, the
metallic finish is meant to last a
long time.
Available at all leading stores
across the country.
Indian Coffee is grown in the rainiest
hill ranges among the well known
bio-diversity hotspots of the world.
The Indian Robusta and Arabica
offer the finest cups of coffee so
connoisseurs. They also herald a
boom time for high quality coffee
brands and Cafe chains in the
Indian Coffee Market.
India International Coffee Festival
2012, New Delhi, 18-20 Jan 2012 -
India's flagship Coffee Festival.
Festival offers high profile events
• International Conference
• Coffee Expo
• Awards Function
• Workshops
& other fascinating events
Covers a wide spectrum of Coffee
Industry to :
Producers, Processors, Exporters,
Coffee Chains, Traders,
Manufactures & Dealers of Coffee
Machinery, Packaging Equipments,
and a host of allied activities.
Highlights of the event - Being
conducted in the capital of India,
the festival will provide a vibrant
boost to the emerging coffee
market, at home and abroad.
Hurry! Block your dates.
For details visit:
Event supported by coffee board
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