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Hobby Time
I picked up your magazine at a
bookshop, while I was browsing for arts
and crafts books for my daughter. To my
surprise, your story
Simply Handmade
came in very handy. One weekend,
both of us sat down and made the felt
coasters, embroidered necklaces and
no-sew felt wraps. My husband was
so proud of us that he took us out for
dinner! Thank you BHG.
Manisha Kumbh
Flowery Paradise
I live in an apartment with a tiny terrace
and am always looking for ways to make
my house greener. Your story
was a pleasure to look at and gave
me many new ideas. While the floor of
my terrace is filled with plants, now I
can hang flower baskets on the higher
portion too. I also got my gardener
to make baskets to hang outside my
bedroom window!
Vidya Desai
Afternoon Enjoyment
During winter my friends and I take
turns to throw a lunch every Sunday.
For my turn I used ideas from your
Brunch Box.
I wrote name tags
Ishitta Arun’s home was a
breeze of fresh air— apt for
wrapping up 2011. Her home
boasted of colours in every
corner, yet it was not loud.
I was extremely impressed
with her idea of designing the
sliding doors with borders of
wedding saris. Sticking to her
traditional roots, the idea to
serve wine in
was an
innovation in its own. There
were so many inspirational
ideas! Great work BHG.
Roobina Kaushik
on fruit, put out a platter of cupcakes
and also packed small bags of leftovers
for friends. I have never got so many
compliments in one afternoon.
Simran Puar
The Best Barbeque
I was tired of the old and cliched
barbeque recipes and was happy to read
your story
The Grill Thrill.
Not only were
the recipes amazing, so were the expert
tips. The ribs I used to grill earlier, were
dry and nothing like the kind you get in
restaurants. It’s only after reading this
story that I learnt about how much they
have to weigh to be juicy. Both lamb and
chicken were delicious.
Priya Chengappa
We’d love to hear from you.
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