Alternate World
ra brings in some
• Closed luck. All doors iiTtfretiouse close
f- Ir n - T T TTi n n 1-n l n r | ( | p t h o H r v n n t y
jle up. The mirrors in the dining area
magnify‘the prosperity of food grains.
• Awesom e tw osom e. Plants flourish in duos
on the balconies to bode well for relationships.
• House that. A narrow, vertical cloth barrier,
ten steps into the house, facing the main door,
helps contain the energy inside the house.
• Hot & cold. The water (sink) and fire (stove)
placement was changed to maximize benefits.
• M oney curve. The wealth corner in the master
bedroom contains only the safe and nothing else.
• Light show. The home is never pitch dark.
There are lights fringing even the frangipani
outside the main bedroom.
The living room furniture
is from Elemento Lifestyle
P Limited; the centre table
from BoConcept. The
painting is by Kerala artist
Gayatri. The wood candle
duo is from Amsterdam.
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