eflecting her affable persona,
actress Sameera Reddy’s
two-bedroom apartment
exudes a warm, friendly
vibe, with its calm decor and
spacious confines. Pebble grey couches,
a few personal photographs (with older
siblings— international model Meghana
Reddy and model-actress Sushma
Reddy), hand-picked vibrant artworks,
and cleverly positioned mirrors, add
homespun charm. Sameera begins the
New Year by celebrating with her own
space in her mint new Bandra home in
suburban Mumbai.
“Since my parents live just a lane
away, my dad always says “I am watching
you,” she laughs. You can’t blame him,
having brought up three vivacious and
stunning young girls. “My father has
a traditional mindset. It took him a
while to accept our decisions to join
the glamour industry. But he has come
around and understands and respects the
fact that I need my own space. We spend
more time together as a family now, than
we did earlier,” adds Sameera.
When she bought the apartment n
months ago, it had more rooms, that
were pulled down to reconfigure the
space according to her requirements.
Today, the entrance ushers in the living
room with the dining area and a tiny
washroom at one end, hemmed in by a
self-contained kitchen at the opposite
end. A sliding soundproof door runs
along to section the roomy den, strapped
with a 55-inch flat screen telly, a plush
sink-in couch and a furry rug. Moving
past the den, down the corridor, is the
master bedroom. Mirrored closets and
a dressing table studded with lights,
customized to comply with Sameera’s
enviable 5-foot 9-inch frame, and a
princess-sized bed define her private
space. “My room is a combination of
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