“On a day off, it is all about the
house. I find c le a n in g very
The more I clean,
the better I feel.”
— Sameera Reddy
Limpid bedlinen from
Address Home splashes colour into the grey
wallpapered guest bedroom
On the
table rest photo frames of happy moments
spent together by the three siblings; and of
course Sameera as a cherubic infant.
“There are very few
pieces of crystal that I am fond of, like this
one,” says Sameera. The Murano fish are a
pick from Italy by her parents, during their
honeymoon. Paintings on Mylar by artist KG
Subramanyan adorn her walls
two pre-existing rooms,” she says. Her bedroom and the guest
bedroom, are attached to a luxurious bathroom each. All parts
of the house stand hugged by plant-lined, tiny balconies that
enhance the organic elegance of Sameera’s home.
“My entire home complies with the principles of
every aspect,” shares Sameera. “When I bought this space, I had
no idea where to start,” she says. “My sister Sushma stepped in
to help me with the decor as I was busy shooting for the movie,
“Now I am the householder,” she smiles. “Living in your
own home brings with it both independence and responsibility.
Earlier my dad used to take care of everything when I lived with
my parents. Now I have taken charge of my life, including the
daily expenses of the house,” she adds.
Sameera reflects on her new-found independence, “There have
been phases when I relied on assistants to take care of career-
related matters, and I was left in the lurch when they left. Now
I am in full control of everything, including my home. It feels
wonderful, elevating.” Much like the soft strains of music that fill
the air through tucked-away speakers all through her home. “It
is very important for me to have music playing at a low volume
at home all the time. From Jack Johnson to hip hop, anything but
trance, works for me. Of course, my mood decides my choice of
music,” she shares.
It has been a packed schedule for Sameera, with shoots and
a busy film promotion schedule, as she readies for the release of
her action flick with co-star Ajay Devgn, in February. It’s another
fast-paced film in keeping with her previous blockbusters, such
To keep calm in the action, she turns to
meditation and yoga, and keeping her house clean. “As a Kathak
dancer, I believe the space where I live, is my temple. My home
is sacred and I am very particular about discarding shoes at the
entrance. I express myself through my home— it gives me energy
and it fulfils me. ■
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