Kick procrastination to the curb and transform disorganized
quarters into orderly spaces with these pro strategies.
ATTITUDE: “These things belonged to a loved one, or I might need them later.”
SOLUTION: Keep only those things that really matter.
T u rn -It-A ro u n d T a c tic s
Emotions make it difficult to de-clutter, says Lorie Marrero in
The Clutter Diet.
• Ask a trusted friend to help you go through memorabilia. It’s easy to get lost
in the past while reading old letters or looking through old photographs, but
a friend will keep you on track. Ask your friend to help pre-sort items.
Dealing with sorted piles makes it easier to make decisions, Marrero says.
• Be kind to yourself and give yourself more time to tackle objects that
have feelings attached to them. But don’t let grief or guilt bully you into
keeping things you don’t need, Marrero says. Keep only a few reminders.
• Giving your extras to others in need gives a sense of satisfaction, says
New York, US-based professional organizer A J Miller.
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