Feeling Overwhelmed
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ents seek the help of Virginia, US-
based professional organizer Kathy Jenkins. She offers these tips:
isually break the room into small areas so that you can tackle
ts. Set achievable deadlines to give yourself a goal. Make a
of what stays and what goes to reduce clutter. “Organization
ecomes a plan rather than a dream when you write it down.”
ocus on why you need to reorganize, such as creating a clutter-
ea for family gatherings or cleaning out a guest room. Or,
the space will look if you take no action: mail piled to
pie eating while standing because there’s no place.
isks, starting in an area where you can quickly see
one habit, appreciate success, and move on.”
nectuie time to work on a project when you’re most energetic and
ub-ohr i-0 be distracted. Set a timer and quit when the timer rings.
Time Management
When it comes to organizing, staying on course
requires commitment. Putting in that time can be more
fun than work if you use San Francisco, US-based
professional organizer Connie Johnson’s strategies:
• Schedule 15-30 minutes of daily time and see how
many organizational tasks—sorting the mail, organizing a
cupboard, putting laundiy away—you can complete.
• Sound an alert. If time is always getting away from you,
set an alarm on your cellphone or computer to remind you to do
a specific organizational task.
• Make time fly. Minutes will pass faster if you do a task while watching TV,
listening to music, or conversing with your spouse, child, or friend.
T u rn -It-A ro u n d T a ctic s
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