There's tittle in this world the Garcias deem more important than good friends and excellent food,
Their new kitchen is perfect for them with built-to-last cabinets, deep drawers that organize their
party supplies and lots of counter space for prep work and just hanging out.
Next up.,.a house
full of happy people to complete the dream. Create your dream at
AKURUM kitchen with ADEL/RUBRIK doors and drawer fronts $6529
Medium brown stained and clear lacquered solid birch/birch veneer
ADEL doors/drawer fronts. Stainless steel foil finish RUBRrK drawer fronts. Requires assembly and installation. *The total price includes cabinets,
fronts, interior shelving, drawer and door dampers, hinges, toekicks, legs, visible moldings and panels, Countertops, sinks, faucets, handles and
knobs, appliances and lighting are sold separately. See IKEA store or for limited warranty details. Valid in US stores.
See IKEA store for country of origin information and lOhx 10‘ kitchen layout details.
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